Our Story

Welcome to The Equine Room, where a blend of my greatest loves of fashion, photography,  and, horses awaits you. From a very young age, my affection for horses blossomed under the influence of my grandfather, and it flourished as my cousins pursued careers as professional equestrians. I grasped every available opportunity to ride which deepened my connection to these magnificent beings and, further solidified my bond with them.

I moved to New York City, after graduating from College, to pursue a career in fashion photography.  Instead, I found myself in a position as a producer, partnering with globally renowned fashion and beauty photographers and directors. This journey took me across the globe overseeing top-tier campaigns and collaborating with fashion magazines.

I continued to ride while living in NYC at the Claremont Riding Academy, navigating Central Park and exploring horse stables within a subway or a train ride away. My first trip to Europe was an equestrian adventure, riding a Lusitano for a 7-day ride through the Alentejo Coast of Portugal. Several years later I took a 10-day riding excursion through the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

After three decades of city living, I decided to return to my roots where I rekindled my equestrian pursuits, eventually leading me to discover the world of polo. Fueled by an innate desire to unite my passions, of fashion, photography, horses and antiquing the concept of curating a singular establishment naturally came about, and The Equine Room was born. 

So step into the realm, and you'll discover a haven where equestrian elegance gracefully intertwines with timeless style. Join me on this journey of beauty, capturing the essence of my passions, and let The Equine Room become a cherished destination where your own love for horses and fashion can flourish in harmony.